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September 6 & 7

Draaimolen Festival 2024

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May 18

Draaimolen Island x Sustain-Release



Draaimolen x Cabin Fever

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Draaimolen 188

Draaimolen is a 100% independent event organization based in Tilburg, which focuses on the relationship between electronic and acoustic music, art, and nature. 

Since 2012, we have been organizing multiple indoor and outdoor events every year. Alongside our annual weekender, Draaimolen Festival, in September, we run a free event during Pink Monday (Tilburg Pride) called Holy Pink, Draaimolen Island and multiple club nights throughout the year. 

With every event, we love to take on new challenges and risks. By giving both young talent and established artists room to experiment, we are always pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. By pursuing exciting collaborations and elevating new, original projects, we transform spaces into unique experiences for everyone involved. 


Musical Approach

We strive to invite the best artists and producers from the electronic landscape to our events, while giving  emerging artists a platform. Our programming is full of surprising back 2 backs and innovative live A/V shows, which reflect our ambitions to create something refreshing and unfamiliar at each event. Over the last few years, we broadened our musical approach as we started curating more live concerts and site specific shows which cover a wide spectrum of genres within the electronic landscape.


Artistic Approach

During our events, we aim to work with creatives from many different disciplines. Every year we try to push ourselves one step further. Remaining innovative, surprising and constantly evolving is what we strive to do at each event. We are always reinventing our locations and work with both established and up and coming artists we believe in to create fresh, imaginative stage designs, art installations, and photo and video projects. Shared trust in each other is very important to us. We believe that it is essential to give people complete creative freedom to realize their visions.

Next to spotlighting emerging talent and inviting some of our favorite electronic music luminaries to our events, Draaimolen also commissions new live shows and art projects, while encouraging groundbreaking collaborations with organizations that share our values.