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Photography by Frakie Casillo

December Picks by Draaimolen Agency

You know the drill; the first Friday of each month we share our residents' favorite releases. Today marks the very last day when Bandcamp waives its fees, so let's show the artists some extra love by buying their wonderful music! 

We also highly encourage you to give extra attention and support to POC artists and black-owned labels. Dig for some inspiration here.

Atilla The Hvn


Polarity EP [Ilian Tape]

Favorite track: 'Lurch'

“The old-school DnB vibes, experimental tunes, and heavy bass hold this steady release together and make sure everything is well-balanced. My fav tune is ‘Lurch’ As soon as I heard an eerie sound and the breakbeat loop start, I knew it was going to be an interesting adventure. And then the laughing sample comes through, that's when I knew I had to pick this one as my fav. The drop speaks for itself.”



The Last In Line EP [New York Haunted]

Favorite track: 'BAtardecer en Trieste'

"Gotta support my hometown when I can, New York Haunted always has a huge release list and it is worth your time if you are into obscure industrial / experimental tunes, but also for Techno and sometimes even Hardcore. Seems like anything is possible for this label which is why I like it a lot. This new release from iZuel_ spoke to me in a different tone, I really enjoyed ‘Not with me.’ It gave me magical warehouse vibes and I could imagine being in front of a sweaty dancefloor. My fav tune is ‘Atardecer en Trieste’, if you know me, then you know I really love hoovers and crispy basslines. All of them are there, with heavy kicks dancing around it all. That's about it, can’t say more than I love this release a lot." 



The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity LP [SNTS]

Favorite track: 'Power in History'

"A very powerful release by SNTS, The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity is SNTS' third full-length album following The Rustling Of The Leaves in 2015 and Losing Sight in 2016. As expected, we got served 10 bangers. It feels like I am listening to a sick DJ set because everything merges perfectly into each other. I dug the whole album and it wasn't easy to pick a fav track on this one! Take your time, close your eyes, and enjoy all the tunes. There are def a lot of tracks in there that I want to play at a gig and I am very impatient to do so!"



Phalanx Pt.4 [Typeless]

Favorite track: BIELEFELD MURDER BOYS - 'The Turbobelgian'

"Instant rave package from Wales-based Typeless Records! I see a compilation of bangers, I like it, I buy it and I def appreciate this one a lot. It has unusual high bpm tracks, Techno stompers, even a footwork type of beat on DJ BEVERLY HILL$ - 'Raw Steeze'!! It was hard to pick a favorite on this one too. I was gonna go for Asquith's 'Scaled’ at first but changed it to Bielefeld Murder Boys in the end. I really love breakbeats, especially if they are paired with heavy kicks. Brings me back to the early rave tunes. I would highly suggest to check the rest of their releases out, it is amazing to see so many artists together and it is a proper way to discover new talents!"



Juke Bounce Werk Presents | JBDUBZ Vol. 8 [Juke Bounce Werk]

Favorite track: Dirty Merlin - '3G0R3N+3G0L3D'

"RIP DJ RASHAD. I have to put this one on the number one spot, Juke Bounce Werk always puts together these amazing compilations and this is a gift from 2020 already. WERK those feet and feel the energy in all tunes from artists from all over the world. With 45 tracks total, you can’t go wrong. I really enjoy many tunes from this release so, as usual, it was pretty hard for me to pick a favorite. Cheers, hope you have a safe and strong December!"




Favorite track: 'DRYNK’

“When Talismann announced that he would release an album named ‘Percussion Part 1’, I was extremely excited. I’m a huge fan of his work so I ordered the vinyl immediately. The tracks are super groovy, dark, and deep - for me, they are perfect DJ tools. Can’t wait for the next PERCUSSION release!”



Where is Home LP [Potential Music (Pty) (Ltd)]

Favorite track: ‘Subconscious’

“Fudzie360 is a music artist and a dancer from Cape Town, South Africa. Where is Home is a sequel to his debut album Away from Home. Where is Home is an alternative dance album, recorded using natural sounds and synthesizers. I was really happy when I discovered this record because the dark and emotional sound really touches my soul. In a way, it makes me think of The Other People Place’s Lifestyles of the Laptop Café.


Titanomachia EP [Lykos Records]

Favorite track: 'Chaos' (Worg Remix)

"Laertes is a producer, live performer, and mastering engineer from Rome. The title of this EP, Titanomachia, was inspired by Hesiod’s Theogony. Laertes translates one of the bloodiest wars in Greek mythology into the tracks on this EP. It also includes a remix by Worg (the owner of Lykos Records) and Psyk."



Ascendo EP [Philia Records]

Favorite track: 'El Caido'

"Dave Black is a Spanish DJ and producer and the owner of Philia Records. What I really love about this EP are the rumbling, groovy subs and kicks. Even though it’s not the standard 4x4, it’s very high energy and danceable."


The Truth Is Bitter To Swallow EP [HOME MORT]

Favorite track: 'Watch It Bleed' (Scarlit Port Remix)

"This is the second release on HomeMort’s HMX techno collection and the first EP of the duo Distorted Planet. The whole EP has a dark and industrial vibe. My favorite track is Scarlit Port’s Remix of 'Watch It Bleed'. I like the switches between aggressive and high energy on the one hand and pretty calm and ominous on the other hand."

French II

"I'd like to mention that this was a really sick month releases-wise! Was hard to pick my top 5."


Doves / MPH EP [Wisdom Teeth]

Favorite track: 'Doves' 

“Lovely release by Facta on Wisdom Teeth, a label he co-runs with K-lone. ‘Doves’ is such a fun track with a catchy ongoing rhythm and nimble mixdown that make you wanna move.”



Everything You Need EP [XL Recordings]

Favorite track: 'Clipper (Another Five Years)'

“This EP blew me away! Such a high-level music production with a lot of soul in it! I'm playing Clipper a few times a day for the last couple of weeks and it doesn’t get old. A future classic right here!”



fabric presents Octo Octa & Eris Drew [Fabric Records]

Favorite track: Eris Drew – ‘Reactiv-8’

“I can’t wait to play this one in a club. I love the switches in the track and the vocal. And the mini lead is so catchy :D:D:D. I want to hear more of this please.”



Isles LP [Ninja Tune]

Favorite track: ‘Saku’ (feat. Clara La San)

“I first heard this tune in a Rinse FM set of Emerald and didn’t recognise it as a Bicep track. But I immediately got this melancholic throwback vibe as if I went back in time to a party where everybody loved each other and danced together. I think this album will be the soundtrack of 2020 for me.”



Favorite track: 'Design of a Body Sublime Featuring Fox'

“Fox is one of my favorite MC’s at the moment. His vocals in combination with the excellent production from Call Super and Paris make it a perfect fit for my sets. Really feeling the Bubbling vibe with the old-school house synth.”