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Photography by: Koen van Santvoort

Juneteenth picks: Julie & French ii

It's needless to say how much we owe to black culture for what it has given to us and we will probably never be able to repay it enough. However, we can keep trying to do our best to give it the well-deserved credit, look for ways to support the black community and amplify black voices. Showing us a great example, today and every Juneteenth following, Bandcamp will donate 100% of its share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. We asked our residents Julie and French II to pick 5 of their favorite releases by black artists that you can support today. 


Jasmine Infiniti

BXTCH SLAP [Self-released]
Favorite track: 'BE READY'

"In her interview with i-D, Jasmine Infiniti, a.k.a. the Queen of Hell said that her music is about 'taking hell and having fun with it.' 'Hell' is also the word she uses to describe the experience of living as a black trans woman. Raw, deep and empowering, this album is about claiming individual space as a queer person."

DJ Bone

Tru Warriors [Subject Detroit]
Favorite track: 'Tru Warriors' (ritual mix)

"The combination of the spiritful tribal drums and the deep and dark emotional strings make me feel like I’m at an ancient ceremony."


Favorite track:  'HATESHOPPING'

"I remember dancing in Het Muzieklokaal (De School) and Pariah was playing a sick set. When he dropped 'HATESHOPPING', everyone went wild. I was so happy when Shazam recognized it!"

Russell E.L. Butler

Constructions Vol. 2 [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'Circumference 1_4_18'

"Butler said that he has always been fascinated by how different people approach the creative process, so he released this album as an example of how his process is evolving. My favorite track is 'Circumference 1_4_18' because I love the hypnotic melody, the structures, and variations of the drums."


Vistār [Amotik]

Favorite track: 'Paintis'

"The album Vistār (Hindi for 'expand'/'extended') is Amotik's debut full-length artist album, and it features 10 tracks with elements of ambient/broken beats/textured soundscapes, but its foundations are rooted in techno."

French II


Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap [Livity Sound]

Favorite tracks: ''Goulbap' and 'Momoweb'

"Definitely one of my favorite producers at the moment; Bakongo is Rosko's alias for a more percussive UK club sound. 'Goulbap' and 'Momoweb' are tracks that really make good use of minimal bass stabs that will knock you out on the dancefloor. On the other hand, you got a disposition which has a more uplifting attitude - soooooo nice!"


In Order To Care [R&S]

Favorite track: 'Cheer Up Love'

"'Cheer Up Love' is a part of the NHS compilation from R&S. This track gives me the real UK rave feeling that takes me back in time! Such a lovely composition."

Nikki Nair

Scuzzy EP [Pretty Weird]

Favorite track: 'The Analyst'

"Proper steel jam. The percussion in this track feels like he is hitting some pipes with super cool bleeps and driving kicks. Nikki Nair is really someone to watch - so much heat."


Wetlands [Intergraded]

Favorite track: 'Wetlands'

"I really love Otik. Stumbled on him a few months ago. He is putting out a lot of great releases lately. 'Wetlands' is the jam for me. Intelligent riddim that I love to play in my sets."

Scratchclart (Scratcha DVA)


Favorite track: 'Kodjo Darko' 

"'Kodjo Darko' is the number one track on the EP for me. I love the space in the track; it's kind of minimal but also feels really huge because of the reverb. Very dreamy, very dancefloor."