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Japan’s DJ Nobu is one of a kind; a DJ with no fixed style but instead a very real abil­i­ty to draw on a wide world of music and cook up his own unique sound spaces. He is some­thing of a cult fig­ure for those who know with decades of expe­ri­ence, all of which are dis­tilled at his acclaimed par­ty ​‘Future Ter­ror’, his label ​‘Bit­ta’ and his few choice pro­duc­tion outings. 

All of this has slow­ly but sure­ly turned Nobu from being one of Japan’s, to one of the world’s most in-demand selec­tors who is famous­ly flex­i­ble and ever evolving.

In Feb­ru­ary 2021, he start­ed his NTS Radio res­i­den­cy (bi-month­ly) where he digs deep into var­i­ous forms of inspir­ing music. Recent releas­es include an EP on Non-Series and Swedish label Kvalia as well as a con­tri­bu­tion to ​‘100 years of Colom­bia’ char­i­ty compilation. 


TIME: 12:00 - 00:30
LOCATION: MOB Complex, Tilburg
AGE: 18+