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july 22

10 Year Anniversary - Free Entrance

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july 24

Holy Pink - Free Entrance


Poster Df23 Square

September 8 & 9

Draaimolen festival 2023

CORIN live

CORIN is an electronic music producer, DJ and performer working in the field of performance art, sound design, theater and club spaces. Her productions are an assemblage of converging styles moving somewhere between IDM, grime, EBM, trance, and baroque-laden ambience. In her compositions, traditional forms merge with hyper-digital sounds to create new imaginary realms. Coming from a background in classical piano, Ileto is interested in creating a sonic space in which western classical music can be hybridized with contemporary electronic production and non-western forms. Each of her releases focus on speculative mythology drawing from science fiction, western classical music, personal histories and ancestral heritage.