Oceanic B2B rRoxymore


If dance floors were underwater, Oceanic would be a modern-day siren. As both a DJ and a producer – often releasing tracks on family label Nous’klaer – he creates immersive and shape-shifting environments in which boundaries dissolve. Like tides, the musical experiences Oceanic creates feel driven forces bigger than the sum of their parts, pushing towards new and unknown frontiers. Oceanic’s focus is on bringing people together to foster collective energy and experience joy together.


Whether on stage, on record or deep in collaboration, the musical ideas of rRoxymore move at such pace and with such frequency, that it can be difficult to keep pace. As respected for her esoteric, offbeat club records – distinctive and sometimes provocative dance cuts that are as satisfying for DJs to blend as dancefloors to soak in – as her semi-improvised live performances, the sheer open-minded energy at the heart of rRoxymore’s work have earned her a place as one of the most vital artists on the fringes of contemporary club culture, rooted in experimentations.