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july 22

10 Year Anniversary - Free Entrance

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july 24

Holy Pink - Free Entrance


Poster Df23 Square

September 8 & 9

Draaimolen festival 2023

Shackleton / Zimpel with Siddhartha Belmannu

A project commissioned by Berlin Atonal

Polish multi-instrumentalist Wacław Zimpel and British electronic musician Sam Shackleton join forces to present a brand new long-form, slowly evolving composition. When you hear Wacław’s sound you might think to yourself, “wow, this ensemble is great”, but it’s actually just one person playing bass and alto clarinets, a khaen and organs. Similarly, Sam has created his own musical world in bass music, eschewing any genre rules and building a rich, percussive and mystical vocabulary. Now their sounds will blend and collide in an exciting special project.