Tongue in the Mind (Juliana Huxtable, Jealous Orgasm, Via App) live

Tongue in the Mind evolved heedfully from almost a decade of creative back-and-forth between multimedia artist, DJ and writer Juliana Huxtable and multi-instrumentalist composer Joe Rinaldo Heffernan, aka Jealous Orgasm. Starting life in New York City as free-flowing improvisational performance art, the project shifted as Huxtable and Heffernan’s confidence in each other swelled and their collaboration became more compositional and ostentatious. Coaxing each other to take risks and metamorphose artistically, the duo’s roles flickered and spiraled; Huxtable would set down the mic to jam on synths and percussion, while Heffernan would move from instruments to vocals. Production and arrangement became a synergistic process and little by little, a defined musical fingerprint appeared.

The duo became a trio in 2023, when NYC-based producer Dylan Shir (aka Via App) joined to augment Huxtable and Heffernan’s serrated, high-concept prog-metal with dizzying samples, electronic drums, synths and sequences.