We’re bringing together two unique musicians: Anthony Linell and Mattheis. A perfect match, we think, as both are keen to explore the depths of ambient, minimal and experimental music. Commissioned by Draaimolen, this project will bring you an entirely new world of sound.

Anthony Linell began his musical journey releasing industrial and hypnotic soundscapes under the moniker Abdulla Rashim. Now, for the better part of his career, he has been making music under his own name, releasing primarily on his esteemed Northern Electronics label. Linell is known for his icy, rhythmic techno and deep experimental music.

Mattheis, on the other hand, has been at the forefront of the Rotterdam label Nous’klaer Audio, with whom he has been closely associated since its inception. Mattheis offers a fresh and at the same time deeply immersive approach to electronic music. Characterised by analogue sounds and melodic arpeggios, he creates his own world of experimental synth-driven techno.

This first collaboration between Linell and Mattheis is a testament to Swedish and Dutch innovation in electronic music. Occupying the intriguing space between ambient, minimal and experimental genres, both artists will join forces to create a performance that promises to be a fine piece of sonic craftsmanship.