We’re very excited to present a collaboration between two of Nigeria’s most exciting talents: Aunty Rayzor and DJ Tobzy. Commissioned by Draaimolen they’ll bring a live project buzzing of hard, fast and highly danceable Nigerian rave music to our forest.

Aunty Rayzor, a proud mother and fierce MC, slices through beats faster than the sharpest razor. Her musical journey began in church but she soon took over rap battles across Nigeria. Singing in both Yoruba and English, she blends hip-hop, Afrobeat and R&B to create a sound that is both globally appealing and deeply rooted in her Nigerian identity.

The 21 year old DJ Tobzy is currently bubbling up in Lagos, and all because of the Nigerian TikTok hype called freebeat / cruise. He started his journey in 2020 with a DJ app on his phone and a fascination for YouTube DJ competitions. The genre is a chaotic mix of gqom, amapiano, baile funk and house, and Tobzy is one of the most talented beat makers in this new scene. He’s full of adrenaline and keen to experiment with virtuoso DJ skills.

Both Aunty Rayzor and DJ Tobzy are part of the renowned Nyege Nyege collective and have performed in the same line-ups before, but this is the first time they’ll be making music together. fresh out of the studio and helmed with new music. An alliance of these two will turn one of our stages into one of the biggest parties of Draaimolen.