DJ Voices chooses energy and drama over genre, whether it’s her regular show on The Lot Radio, resident nights at Nowadays, or sets on dancefloors around the world. Though she calls New York City home, she’s taken the sounds she’s heard from wherever. Percussive club mutations, breaks, speed garage and trance are just the tip of the iceberg of what this former gymnast carefully lays out in a DJ set.

Lindsey Wang goes by the name Polygonia. When she’s not DJing hypnotic and complex sounds, she’s a label boss who also plays in bands and performs live. One thing that’s clear in Polygonia’s world is that BPM is limitless. Her sound lies somewhere between downtempo, ambient and techno, with some drum ‘n bass and electro tossed in for good measure. She draws most of her inspiration from nature, which makes the MOB complex a great place to play. Just like DJ Voices, her music is hard to pin down, which will certainly make this a special B2B. It’s one of those combinations you wouldn’t expect, but which will definitely make sense once you’re in the middle of it.