Award winning sound designer Tom Middleton brings his interstellar electronic ambient project GCOM to The Chapel this year. Often recognised for the music he created as Co-founder of the acclaimed duo Global Communication. This performance is both an evolution of that legacy and a solo incarnation of his artistic vision – Galactic Communication.

Tom is proving that reducing anxiety, stress, and suffering through the empathetic use of sound and music, inspired by nature and backed by science, leads to healthier and happier lives. In recent years Tom has deepened his knowledge of neuroscience and become an expert in the therapeutic benefits of sound, helping millions of people around the world to sleep better. There will be no sleeping at Draaimolen, however, as GCOM will build on over 30 years of experience with tracks spanning the entire spectrum of his creations as global communication. This will include parts of the iconic 76:14 album (named after its duration), which will be brought to the stage to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Expect an epic, cinematic journey through intergalactic soundscapes, intricate beat programming and ethereal electronics that will transport you to another dimension.