Underground Resistance is as much a symbol of resistance and empowerment through music as it is a label and musical collective. Formed in Detroit in 1989, UR has been at the forefront of the techno and electro scene for decades. Their upcoming Depth Charge show, performed live by Mike Banks and Mark Flash at Draaimolen, marks a significant return to the Netherlands after six years and promises a journey deep into the roots of authentic Detroit techno.

Responding to the socio-economic challenges facing Detroit and the African-American community, UR’s music serves as a voice for the marginalised, channeling frustrations and aspirations into mind-bending frequencies. Through their music, they unite people of all backgrounds under the banner of electronic resistance.

When UR takes the stage with their militant take on music, our tunnel will reverberate. Let’s transmit these tones and wreak havoc on the Tunnel.