Drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Valentina Magaletti is renowned for her inventive approach to percussion. After performing with CZN in 2023, she returns to Draaimolen this year with a groundbreaking first: in collaboration with Upsammy, she has produced an album that will be performed live in our Chapel!

Magaletti’s versatile technique incorporates everything from vibes and marimba to contact microphones and found objects, resulting in a style that is constantly evolving. Whether playing a delicate ceramic kit or hammering out motorik rhythms, her creative approach to (producing) percussion allows her to navigate seamlessly between electronic, dub, jazz, psychedelic, ambient and experimental genres, creating a sound that is as fragile as it is powerful. 

Dutch artist Upsammy is no stranger to Draaimolen. Last year she delivered a compelling B2B set with DJ Python at our Aura. This year she’ll be showing a newer facet of her artistry. With a background in image and media technology, Upsammy is fascinated by the rhythms and vibrations of her environment. Her work blurs the line between the synthetic and the natural, creating a unique aesthetic. As a multidisciplinary artist, she explores these interactions through sound, photography and video, which deeply influence her music production.

This performance at the festival is one that is often the subject of discussion in our office. The level of exploration into unusual sonic properties and the fusion of their crafts will make for a rare performance that’s not to be missed.