Df24 Definitief Artowrk

September 6 & 7

Draaimolen Festival 2024

1080x1080 No Lineup

May 18

Draaimolen Island x
Sustain-Release 2024


What is said that hasn’t been said before about I-F aka Interr-Ference. The The Hague legend has been active as a DJ, producer, record store owner among loads of other ventures since the early 90’s. You obviously know him from cult classic ‘Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass’ and as the chef behind Intergalactic FM. I-F has withstood the test of time with ease and is one of the few musicians that hasn’t become a brand over time.

He’ll bring a recognizable, feel good and melodic sound that fits perfectly on the Terrace. Expect Italo, acid, electro and everything in between.