Practical info

When will the Afterparty's take place?

The Afterparty’s will take place on Friday, September 8th, and Saturday, September 9th from 23:59 until 06:00

Where will the Afterparty's take place?

Our Afterparty’s take place at Club Smederij, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 8-82, The Netherlands.

What are the opening hours for the Afterparty's?

Doors will open at 23:59 and close at 06:00

How do I pay at Club Smederij?

You can by card and cash.

Will there be lockers?

Club Smederij has a sufficient amount of lockers available.


Where to buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via our online ticketshop, both on our and Club Smederij’s website.

Which tickets are available for the Afterparty's?

Draaimolen x GO! 

Regular ticket Friday: €15,-  

Regular ticket Saturday: €15,-

(all prices excl. serv. fee)

I have a ticket with someone else's name on it, can I enter the venue with this ticket?

Yes, you can enter using a ticket with someone else’s name on it. 

Lost and found

I found something during the Afterparty.

Please drop this off at one of the bars at Club Smederij.

I left something in my locker during the Afterparty

Please contact Club Smederij and they will be able to help you.

Drug policy

Hard drugs

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any forms of hard drugs entering the club.

Soft drugs (weed and hashes)

You are allowed to bring consumer amounts of weed or hash to the festival. This means no more than 5 grams per person.


You can’t take any form of alcohol into the club yourself, but you can buy drinks at the bar.



If you need to bring medication, please send your necessities to We need your name, phone number, medication and something that clarifies this, such as a doctor’s note or medical passport. We will communicate this to our security team at the entrance.

Is the Afterparty easily accessible?

Club Smederij is easily accessible for people with mobile disabilities. There is a parking place located nearby. For more information please check

Toilets for mobility difficulties

There are toilets at Club Smederij for people with mobility difficulties. 

House rules

What are the house rules?

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring. Draaimolen maintains a zero tolerance policy for threats, abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment, physical and/or verbal abuse and other offensive and/or annoying and/or abusive behavior. If you experience any of these situations or other uncomfortable situations, please do not hesitate to ask Draaimolen staff or security for assistance.


If you witness unwanted behavior or hear offensive comments, please be an active bystander by reporting it to Draaimolen staff or security. They will put you through to someone on our social safety team. These are all well-informed people who are aware of our policies and procedures and can offer you help.

Draaimolen strongly discourages taking photos or videos with your phone during the festival.  All phone cameras can be covered with a sticker provided by the Draaimolen at the entrance.


Visitors must remain in the designated areas of Draaimolen Festival.


The possession and/or dealing of hard drugs is prohibited at Draaimolen Festival. Any evidence of public use and/or possession will result in confiscation of the drugs and the drugs will be turned over to the police. You may also be required to leave the festival.


The possession and/or use of a small amount (up to 5 grams) of soft drugs for personal use is tolerated, pre-rolled joints are not permitted.


Prescribed medication is permitted only when it’s communicated to the organization prior to the event. This is possible via


For safety reasons, Draaimolen will search its visitors and their (hand) bags. Possession of hard drugs, glass, aerosols, plastic bottles, inflatables, lighting objects, cans, fireworks, (fire)weapons or other dangerous/prohibited objects or substances, food, (alcoholic) beverages and pets are not allowed.


Attending Draaimolen Festival is at the visitor’s own risk. Draaimolen does not take responsibility for damage on any grounds whatsoever, resulting directly or indirectly from acts or omissions of Draaimolen, persons in its service, other persons working at the festival, or third parties during or in connection with the stay at the festival, unless the damage is caused by intent or serious fault of Draaimolen. The responsibility of Draaimolen is always limited to the principal sum paid by its insurance.


Visitors must always follow the instructions of the organization and security.


The organization advises visitors to wear ear protection. Earplugs are for sale on the festival grounds.


Wearing a soccer shirt and/or discriminatory or offensive clothing is not allowed. High heels, selfie sticks or backpacks are not allowed on the dance floor.


The organization reserves the right to refuse/deny (further) access to visitors who are inebriated and/or under the influence of drugs.


It is not allowed to urinate outside the designated toilets.


Distribution of promotional material (samples/flyers and the like) is not permitted without writ- ten permission from the organisation of Draaimolen.


It is not allowed to make professional audio or video recordings without prior written permission by the organisation of Draaimolen.


When entering and leaving Draaimolen Festival, visitors should not cause any nuisance to the neighborhood. We like to keep the neighborhood quiet and tidy.


Cups and bottles may not be taken outside.


Visitors who do not comply with the house rules and General Visitor Conditions of Draaimolen will be denied access to the event without the right to a refund of the ticket cost or any charged service and/or other costs.


Draaimolen Festival staff will always have the final say in matters not covered by the house rules.


When visitors purchase a ticket, they automatically grant Draaimolen the right to use any video or photographic material taken at the festival site, free of charge and without notice.


The event may be changed, moved or cancelled. If the event is rescheduled or canceled, everyone in possession of a ticket may receive a refund, without the service costs.


When visitors buy a ticket, they automatically give the right to Draaimolen to use all video or photo material made on the festival terrain, free and without notice.


Upon entering the festival, visitors automatically agree to the house rules.