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july 22

10 Year Anniversary - Free Entrance

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july 24

Holy Pink - Free Entrance


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September 8 & 9

Draaimolen festival 2023

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Draaimolen Festival takes place at the MOB Complex on the outskirts of Tilburg in the Netherlands. The address is IJpelareweg 55, 5048 TA Tilburg. Our venue can be accessed in several ways:


Draaimolen Festival takes place at the MOB Complex. The address is IJpelareweg 55, 5048 TA Tilburg.


We advise you to come by bike because MOB-Complex is easily accessible this way. Navigate to IJpelareweg 55, Tilburg. There will be sufficient places to park your bike for free during the festival, free of charge. As you approach the festival site you’ll find this on the signage. You can rent a OV-bike at Tilburg Central Station. More info on this can be found at:

Note: To rent an OV-bike you need a personal OV-chipcard with a free OV-fietsabonnement or NS Flex abonnement on it. You can rent two bikes on one OV card. There is a limited capacity of OV-bikes. At Tilburg Central Station there are two distribution points, Noord and Zuid. You can check the availability at this website:,5.086418 

If staying at the camping, it is possible to rent a bike at Stadscamping Tilburg. You can rent a bike from Thursday to Sunday for €32.50 plus €50 deposit. You can pick up your bike at the campsite, which is near Tilburg Central Station.

Going by bike takes around 25 minutes from Tilburg Central Station. From Tilburg Central Station to the festival site there is a marked fast bike route. Signage will be provided. At Tilburg Central Station there will also be staff who can guide you in the right direction.


Navigate to Tilburg Central Station. Trains ride from 5:30 in the morning until 00:38 at night, depending on where you need to go. We advise planning your trip in advance via

From Tilburg Central Station, you can rent a bike (OV Fiets) or use the shuttle bus that departs from there.


From 12:00 to 19:00, shuttle buses will run from Tilburg Central Station to the MOB Complex. The pick-up point for the shuttle bus is at Burgemeester Brokxlaan 141. The return bus departs from the MOB Complex from 21:00 to 01:30. Return tickets cost €10 (excluding service fee) and are not tied to specific times. You can take the bus whenever you want as long as they run. Keep in mind that the last bus leaves at 01:30! Tickets can be purchased at:


Together with, we are arranging bus trips from different pick-up points throughout The Netherlands and Belgium. For more information about the different boarding points, times and bus tickets, please use the links below: 


Although we prefer you to come by public transportation or bike, the site is easily accessible by car. Please navigate to Grootvenstraat, Tilburg. Reaching the site you will find traffic signs leading you to where you can park your car. Please note that this is not an official parking lot so parking is at your own risk.


Some options for overnight stays in Tilburg are: 

Hostel Roots:
Bastion Hotel:
Mercure Hotel:
Van der Valk Tilburg:
City Hotel Tilburg:
Het Wapen van Tilburg: