Df24 Definitief Artowrk

September 6 & 7

Draaimolen Festival 2024

1080x1080 No Lineup

May 18

Draaimolen Island x Sustain-Release



Draaimolen x Cabin Fever

Draaimolen2023 Saturday 123

The festivalcamping for Draaimolen Festival 2024 is still under construction. Last year we received a tremendous amount of camping visitors, and we realized that our accommodation would not be sufficient enough for our 2024 edition. Therefore we are working on several new options and locations to accommodate all festival visitors who want to stay on a campsite for the complete festival experience!

The process of putting this all together turned out to take a bit more time than we anticipated. Therefore we offer you the possibility to pre-register for our camping. This way you will get priority access to claim your spot as soon as we go live with the camping tickets. 

We will close the pre-registration when the number of applicants exceeds the minimum capacity of the camping, so there will be no false expectations.

We know this might raise issues for those traveling from abroad, you can always email to info@draaimolen.nu for any question you have regarding your trip to Tilburg.


You can only pre-register while buying a ticket for the festival. When entering your personal details, you will find a mandatory question, asking if you want to pre-register for the camping. Answer ‘YES’, and you’ve claimed your spot.