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On this page we have compiled information that may be helpful if you are traveling from abroad. This includes new information as well as information from the other pages. If any information is still unclear or you have other questions, please email us at For other practical information related to the festival, please see our FAQ.

When will Draaimolen Festival 2024 take place?

Draaimolen Festival 2024 will take place on Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th.

Where will Draaimolen Festival 2024 take place?

Draaimolen Festival takes place on the MOB Complex in Tilburg. The address of the MOB Complex is IJpelareweg 55, 5048 TA  Tilburg, The Netherlands.

What are the opening hours for Draaimolen Festival?

On both Friday and Saturday, our beloved festival site opens at 12:00h CET and closes at 00:30h CET.

How do I pay at the festival?

You can pay by card or cash. 

Will there be lockers on the festival site?

Lockers will be available. We provide small and large lockers. 

    • Small: 23 x 28 cm 
    • Large: 37 x 28 cm 
Will there be food on the festival site?

There will be food available, we always make sure there are sufficient vegetarian and vegan options available. For specific dietary questions, you can always reach us at

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Own food and drinks are not allowed on the festival grounds. If you have a special diet, please make sure your food is in its own packaging and that you have informed us in advance via

How does the recycle token work?
  • We use a recycling system that makes it easier to recycle plastic. You will receive a recycling token from us upon arrival that you can hand in when ordering your first drink. 
  • When entering the festival site everyone receives a recycle token. This token has no money value.
  • At the bar you can swap the recycle token for a cup.
  • If you lose your cup or recycle token you have to pay extra to receive a new cup.
  • Don’t want to hold your cup anymore? Take your empty cup to a bar and swap it for a new drink or a recycle token.
  • Make sure you don’t lose your cup, otherwise it will cost you a recycle token.

Thank you for recycling with us and keeping the forest clean.