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Ticket sales start at December 11th, 20:00CET.

If you would like to stay overnight, we can recommend you the following hotels in Tilburg:

Mercure Hotel Tilburg ****
Heulvelpoort 300
5038 DT Tilburg

+31(0)13 535 46 75

De Postelse Hoeve ***
Dr. Deelenlaan 10
5042 AD Tilburg

+31(0)13 463 63 35

City Hotel Tilburg ***
Heuvelring 128
5038 CL Tilburg

+31(0)13 535 13 55

Ibis Tilburg **
Dr. Hub van Doorneweg 105
5026 RB Tilburg

+31(0)13 463 64 65

Het Wapen van Tilburg
Spoorlaan 362
5038 CD Tilburg

+31(0)13 542 26 92

Bastion Hotel Tilburg
Kempenaar 2
5018 TK Tilburg

+31(0)13 544 19 99

Hostel Roots
Stationstraat 41
5038 EC Tilburg

+31 6 5230 8518

Of course, we have a Draaimolen campsite again this year, all info and tickets can be found here.

Please check for the latest updates and time schedules.

- There will be a shuttle service from the Tilburg train station to the festival site.

- From various cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, there will be busses going directly to Draaimolen Festival 2020.

Find all info and tickets here 

We advise you to come by public transport. But if you do want to come by car, you can navigate to IJpelareweg 55.

There is enough space to park your bike or car near the festival site. The exact location to park will follow soon.

We advise you to store your valuables safely via secure lockers at the festival. A limited number of lockers will be available on-site which you can rent at your arrival.

This is an 18+ event. Please bring your drivers license, ID or passport to enter the festival.

Please note we are unable to accept ANY other form of ID, so please ensure you have a valid document.

We will not give refunds to people under 18 or with an invalid ID.

The festival starts at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 12th. Music will end at 00:30am Sunday, September 13th.

Draaimolen Festival 2020 takes place at the beautiful MOB Complex again!

The address is: IJpelareweg 55, Tilburg.

You can buy tokens at the festival site to pay for food and drinks. Please note, the tokens are not refundable and can only be used at Draaimolen Festival 2020.

Please send an e-mail to if you believe to have lost something during the festival. Hopefully we can help you out!

There is no timetable yet. Keep an eye on our facebook page for all updates.

We will have a wide variety of high-quality food and drinks at the festival grounds. Our full menu will follow soon.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the festival. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us beforehand via

For all press related questions, you can send an e-mail to

I have a cool idea for Draaimolen Festival, what should I do now?
We are pleased with all the input we get from our visitors, please send an email to with your idea.

Can I bring my medication to the festival?
Of course, you can bring your medication. Please send us an e-mail at so we can help you take your medication through security.

Can I buy cigarettes at the festival?
No, we do not sell cigarettes at the festival. Make sure to bring enough.

The festival takes place in a forest but we try our best to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. We are happy to assist you in every way we can, please send an e-mail at, if you have any questions concerning accessibility.

Volunteers are always welcome!
If you would like to help us in the weeks before or after the festival, please send us an e-mail at for all the information.

To make the experience as pleasant as possible every visitor of Draaimolen, the following house rules apply:

  • Visitors of Draaimolen must be at least 18 years old. Draaimolen can ask its visitors to show a valid ID at all times.
  • Visitors must be in possession of a valid admission ticket
  • As soon as you leave the festival grounds, you aren’t allowed to enter again.
  • The possession and/or dealing of hard drugs is prohibited at Draaimolen Festival. If there is any evidence of over use and/or possession, confiscation of the drugs will follow and the drugs will be handed over to the police.
  • The possession and / or use of a small amount (up to 5 grams) of soft drugs for personal use is tolerated, pre-rolled joints are not permitted.
  • Prescribed medication is permitted only when it's communicated to the organization prior to the event. This is possible via
  • In the context of safety, Draaimolen will search its visitors and their (hand) bags. Posession of hard drugs, glass, aerosol cans, plastic bottles, cans, fireworks, (fire) weapons or other dangerous / prohibited items or substances, or food, (alcoholic) drinks and / or (pets) is not allowed.
  • Visiting Draaimolen Festival is at the visitor’s own risk. Draaimolen takes no responsibility for any damages on any grounds whatsoever, which directly or indirectly arise out of acts or omissions of Draaimolen, persons in its service, other persons who are working at the festival, or third parties during or in connection with the stay at the festival, unless the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence by Draaimolen. Draaimolen’s responsibility is always limited to the grand sum paid by its insurance in this event.
  • Visitors must always follow the instructions of the organization and security.
  • The organization advises visitors to wear hearing protection. Earplugs can be purchased at the ticket booths on the festival grounds.
  • Wearing a football shirt and / or discriminatory or offensive clothing is not permitted. High heels, selfie sticks or backpacks are not allowed on the dance floor.
  • The organization reserves the right to refuse / deny (further) access to visitors who are in a drunken state and / or under the influence of drugs.
  • It is not permitted to urinate outside the designated toilets.
  • Draaimolen will not tolerate threat, abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment, physical and / or verbal violence and other annoying and / or offensive behavior.
  • Distribution of promotional material (samples / flyers and the like) is not permitted without written permission from Draaimolen.
  • It is not allowed to make professional audio or video recordings without prior written permission.
  • When entering and leaving the Draaimolen Festival, visitors should not cause any nuisance to the neighborhood. We like to keep the neighborhood quiet and tidy.
  • Cups / bottles may not be taken outside.
  • Visitors who do not adhere to the house rules and General Visitor Terms and Conditions of Draaimolen will be denied access to the event without the right to reimbursement of the costs of the admission ticket and any service and / or other costs charged.
  • Draaimolen Festival staff will always have the final say in matters not covered by the house rules
  • The event can be changed, moved or canceled. When the event is moved or canceled, anyone in possession of a ticket can get their money back, without the service costs.
  • When visitors buy a ticket, they automatically give the right to use all video or photo material made on the festival terrain, free and without notice.
  • Upon entering the festival, the visitor automatically agrees with the house rules.