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Statement Friday discount

This year marks a big milestone for our festival. We are hosting two
days at full force with six stages for the first time ever, a dream for
us coming true.

The one challenge we did not foresee whilst cooking up these plans is
that Friday tickets are not selling the way Saturday does.

Of course we, you and all artists want to have a full house on both days
sharing ecstatic dance floor moments together. So we felt the need to
find a solution and we think we found it!

We have decided that all Friday tickets are from now on half the price:
34,50, giving everyone a chance to discover our festival for a small

All Friday ticket holders will be refunded the amount they paid above

We know this decision raises some questions, so we'll try to explain
ourselves as best as we can. The cultural environment around us changes
rapidly and is very unpredictable at the moment, which we can feel in
higher overall costs, but also in our ticket sales. We try to adapt to
this, like we did last year with our 10 day pandemic edition of the
festival. A gift to you, all artists and ourselves, showing us all why
we love what we do so much and never giving in to difficult
circumstances. And we truly expected that 2022 would be the year
everybody would go dancing all year long to celebrate the end of all
restrictions, not foreseeing the financial crisis slowly evolving this
year which affects us all. This makes it way more challenging to expand
our festival from one to two days, leading to decisive choices to make
sure your dream will not end.

However, we never settle for less, and by doing so we are still able to
create a fantastic festival for all of you, on both Friday and Saturday,
without making changes to the program, art projects and stage designs.
You get exactly what we promised, and maybe even some more...

We need you all now more than ever. So grab those tickets and we will
see you on the 9th and 10th of September!  It will be an otherworldly
experience for sure!

Much love, Team Draaimolen