With Rotterdam’s Oberman, our beloved Draaimolen family member and the brains behind Nous’klaer Audio, we can expect a tapestry of trance-inducing sounds that will mesmerise and energise. Oberman has been a driving force behind the development of emerging talent, bringing to light contemporary releases that might otherwise fall between the cracks. His connection to Draaimolen runs deep. He has hosted our Aura stage for several years, showcasing artists from the label alongside established musicians. 

Joining him is Aaron J, founder of Sure Thing, known for his mix of rhythmic, experimental dance music. Described as one of techno’s “best-kept secrets” by RA, Aaron’s sets are a wild ride through delicate bliss and propulsive energy. Both artists carefully curate a mixing style that puts mood and melody first. On the dance floor, emotion and sound will meet.