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july 22

10 Year Anniversary - Free Entrance

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july 24

Holy Pink - Free Entrance


Poster Df23 Square

September 8 & 9

Draaimolen festival 2023


With a friendly and welcoming approach, Karim leads listeners through a maze of warped textures and intricate rhythms. His eclectic selection spans a range of genres, from ambient and experimental to techno and beyond. Each episode is a unique sonic adventure, inviting listeners to explore new sonic landscapes.

Karim Semin Is playing a B2B with Lolo Batten at Draaimolen Island this year

Lolo Batten is an emerging artist from the Amsterdam scene, and founder of Traverse – an itinerant platform striving to bring different genres, tempos and styles together. Her mixes are eclectic and explosive, flowing with an immaculate style between left-field bass music of UK taste and modern Latin-influenced rhythms such as Dembow and Cumbia, passing through trap and a lot more.