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july 22

10 Year Anniversary - Free Entrance

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july 24

Holy Pink - Free Entrance


Poster Df23 Square

September 8 & 9

Draaimolen festival 2023


Born and raised in Amsterdam’s suburbs, the Dutch artist, rapper, singer and songwriter uses music as a form of self-healing, sharing his own stories with alluring candor. Cero Ismael grew up in a melting pot of different cultures and found early comfort in love, religion, spirituality and music, which quickly became his life and focus from an early age – first starting to make music at 11 years old. Initially inspired by his musical family (his grandmother in gospel and his father a gifted musician), Cero’s earliest influences on his own sound were developed by his discovery of self-made trap artists like Soulja Boy, Lil B, Chief Keef and more. On his search for more depth, the sounds of R&B, indie and soul became a staple of his sonic diet. 

Listen to Cero Ismaels latest release below!